Practical high-quality saws for
industry, craftsmen and do-it-yourselvers

Josef Haunstetter Sägenfabrik KG

PUK 305

PUK 3000

Sägeblätter und Sägebögen für den Großhandel


Competence and Commitment

More than 100 years of experience in producing hand saw frames, as well as fret, coping and marquetry saw blades have made known the Haunstetter brand all over the world. After moving from Augsburg-Göggingen to Augsburg-Haunstetten into modern production and administration premises, nowadays the company manufactures their products for their more than 500 customers from about 40 different countries on an area of more than 2.800 m².

PUK – Made in Germany, Hochwertige und praktische Sägen für Industrie, Handwerker und Heimwerker

The PUK Brand

“PUK“ is a registered brand name which is exclusively reserved for saws from our production. Our saws have had that name since the 1930s, following the Scandinavian legend of the friendly goblin Puck who lives in the attic and is always at his landlord’s service – such as our saws. However, upon registration, the “c” was omitted, so “Puck” became the world-famous brand “PUK”.

NEW: flexi PUK

Ergonomic handle for metal saw blade

flexible / variable: one model–two applications

Did you know what a gross is?

An old measuring unit commonly used in the sawing industry.
A gross is used for counting quantities according to their numbers.

1 dozen is 12 pieces.
1 gross is 12 dozens,
so to say 12 x 12 pieces = 144 pieces.