Innovation PUK Kleinsägebögen und PUKY

Innovation has a high rank in our company

Our PUK and PUKY Junior Sawframes, for example, were constructed in a way that the saw blades are clamped in easily, and at the same time there is no risk of injuries through blade ends protruding. Moreover, no additional plastic piece is necessary to protect users’ fingers, as the saw blade completely disappears in the frame.

Ausgeklügelte Technik: Laubsägeblätter für den Maschineneinsatz

Ingenious Technology

Our scroll saw blades for machine saws, TAIFUN 55 double reverse teeth, TAIFUN 56 reverse teeth, ELFE Multi-teeth and SPRINT Ultra fast cutting blade, are featured by their ingenious technology. Thus the reverse teeth provide burr-free surfaces on both sides of the work piece. Our reverse tooth products present individual advantages for different applications.

ELFE - Neue Entwicklungen im Bereich Gegenzähne

Innovation Gegenzähne SPRINT

Latest State-of-the-art Designs in the Field of Reverse Teeth Blades

Our Scroll Saw Blades ELFE and SPRINT-Ultra

Due to ELFE‘s completely new teeth arrangement – reverse teeth pairs – the sawing results are surprising and outstanding: Due to the smoothly running saw blade, the cut is rapid, clean and precise, even in curves. Subsequent treatment of the work piece is not necessary.
As reverse blades, especially SPRINT, cut completely free, the blades never get hot, burn wood or melt plastics.

Umweltfreundliche Blister-Verpackungen

Not Harmful to the Environment

Our saw blades’ packages are carton boxes, so-called blisters, without any synthetic material. They are signed with the “Green Point”, which means that our ready-for-sale packages are not harmful to the environment.