Our strengths

Design and Function

PUK vario product design award product design awar

PUK vario product design award


  • Only 1 handle for different saw frames and saw blades
  • Extraordinarily large handle with large and safe free space for your hand
  • Easy installation of frames and blades
  • Standard lengths 150 and 170 mm
  • IF award for innovative design and functionality

Kleinsägebogen PUK 2000, Allroundsäge

Our PUK Junior Sawframe is a universal sawframe of excellent quality. The handle is angled in a way that the anatomical axis follows the sawing line and, at the same time, provides high lateral stability, ensuring optimal transmission of energy. This enables the user to cut without effort and achieve precise results.

PUK 300

Our classical PUK 300, with its adjustable handle, has been meeting the high standards of our customers for decades.

Qualitätsmanagementsystem der Herstellung Handsägebögen, PUK-Sägeblätter, Laubsägeblätter, Stiftsägeblätter und Finisflexbänder

Products’ quality 

Our products’ quality is defined by the quality management system according to DIN ISO 9002 / EN29002. Fabrication of our saw frames, PUK junior blades, fret, scroll, piercing and coping saw blades, as well as FINISFLEX endless saw blades meets that system’s requirements. This way of production has been our standard since we were first certified in the year 1996.


We offer useful assortments of fretsaw blades for hand sawframes and scroll saw blades for saw machines in attractive packages.


It is characteristic for our products that design and function are optimally combined. Not only do we have a very high quality standard in fabrication, we are also at the leading edge regarding aesthetic design combined with functionality. This is why our PUK Junior Sawframe launched in 1994 has been awarded several times: In 1994, the Design Center Stuttgart included it into their Design Selection, and one year later, it was awarded the IF Prize by the Industrie Forum Design Hannover. Our new saw frame PUK Vario 150, too, launched in 2008, was awarded the IF Prize by the Industrie Forum Hannover the same year.

Excerpt of our awards and certificates

IF award for innovative design and functionality of our PUK Vario saw frame.

Registered company for the instruction of trainees by the Swabian Chamber of Commerce

Environmental Statement according to EG system for economical management and environmental plant supervision

First Certification of our Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000

IF Award for good design for our PUK 2000

Our PUK 2000 awarded by Design Center Stuttgart


Customer-specific Solutions

Realizing our Customers Requests is one of our Specialties

All the more than 350 fret, scroll, piercing, coping and marquetry saw blade types of our product range are packed customer-specifically on demand: The carton blisters for our saw blades which are not harmful to the environment (with a certain order quantity) can be designed according to your requests, ideas and requirements in our premises. Using your own logo, your company name or color or other, we can make YOUR own individual article out of our products.
You can have our saw frames, too, in your specific colors. With a special technique, we can even print your specific text, logo, barcode or similar in your own color on the handle or handle shells of the saw frames.
It is also possible to manufacture special series or saw blades for characteristic applications according to your requests.

Whatever your special wishes and requirements in our products may be – just ask us, and we will try to find the perfect solution together.