PUK Saw Blades, 150  mm length

Professional-quality saw blades with wavy-set, sharp theeth, specially hardened and tempered, with pins. 
1 dozen per box, 1 gross per carton

>> How to change the saw blade on your PUK hacksaw frame (youtube video)
>> Push Stroke or Pull Stroke with PUK Saws?

PUK Sägeblatt

PUK Universal Sägeblatt

 Universal Saw Blade

For all kinds of precise sawing work:
Metal, aluminum, nonferrous heavy metal, plastic channels/-pipes, gypsum

310121 10 25 498 g Gros

PUK Metallsägeblatt

Metal Saw Blade

For high quality sawing work:
All kinds of metal, nonferrous metal (copper), special steel, special alloy, plexiglas, plastic

312121 12 32 498 g Gros

PUK Metall-Feinsägeblatt

Saw Blade for thin Metals

For high quality precise cuts:
Thin-walled metal profils/pipes, thin sheet steel, well-tried in modelmaking and electronics

320121 20 50 498 g Gros

PUK Holzsägeblatt

Wood Saw Blade

Cuts and saws without any effort:
Soft, hard and moulded wood, hardboard, branches, paperboard, soft plastic

313121 5.5 14 478 g Gros

PUK Sortiment


Junior Hacksaw Blade Assortment:
Contains 12 saw blades,
3 each of Art. 310 / 312 / 313 / 320, in a display carton

390170 53 g 12